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Philadelphia Lead Certification Law

Lead Certification Philadelphia

In a bid to make all rental properties in Philadelphia healthy for residents, the government has different safety certifications landlords must present when they need to receive or renew a rental license. One of these important certifications is the rental property lead certificate. City of Philadelphia passed a new Lead Certification Law

What the New Law Says

In Philadelphia, rental properties built before 1978 are required to be tested and certified lead-safe or lead-free if a child aged six or younger resides in it. The law has been updated to include all rental properties built 1978 and beyond, irrespective of the age of the residents. The new law came into effect on 1^st^ October 2020 in eleven Philadelphia zip codes. It will be rolled out in phases for the remaining zip codes in a two-year period. Irrespective of zip code, any old building where a child of six or below is resident must be tested and certified lead-safe.

Are There Buildings Exempted By The Law?

According to the provisions of the law, college dormitories and properties built after 1978 are exempted from the Philadelphia Lead certification. Besides buildings in those categories, every rental property, regardless of the occupants, must possess the certificate.

Why Is The Certificate So Important?

Lead is dangerous to humans. Exposure to lead in childhood can cause several issues. Scientific findings have confirmed that childhood exposure to lead can result in learning and behavioral problems. We may not see the manifestations easily, but even a small amount of lead can harm a child's brain and other parts of the nervous system. The law is important to protect the little ones and, indeed, everyone. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How Can A Landlord Get The Certificate?

The only way to get this all-important certificate is through Lead Testing. The Philadelphia Lead test must be conducted by an EPA certified lead sampling technician or a PA licensed lead inspector-risk assessor. There are several qualified inspectors and companies that can handle the test, so you shouldn't find it difficult to get the right people involved.

What Is Involved In Philadelphia Lead Testing?

Basically, the lead test involves determining that a rental property is free of flaking, chipping, peeling, chalking, or not-intact paint. Also, the technician or inspector-risk assessor will collect and test dust samples to ascertain that they do not contain hazardous levels of lead-contaminated dust.

How Much Does the Test Cost?

The cost of the Philadelphia test will depend on a few factors, including the size of the property and the technician or company the landlord hires. Overall, the cost can be anything between $150 and $700. A professional Philadelphia property management can help you perform the test and get results.

When Must The Test Be Done?

As mentioned already, the new law has come into effect in 11 zip codes in Philadelphia since 1^st^ October, 2020. Landlords or rental properties built in 1978 or before within the zip code have between 1^st^ October 2020 and 31^st^ March 2021 to get the test done and obtain their certificates. According to the phased schedule, other zip codes will have 1^ST^ April 2021 through 30^th^ September 2021; 1^st^ October, 2021 through 31^st^ March, 2022; and 1^st^ April, 2022 through 20^th^ September, 2022 to complete theirs.

The Philadelphia Lead Certification is one of the important steps that show that a rental property is safe for families. Landlords and Philadelphia Property Management experts must respect the new law and make our city better for all.

You can find the law here.

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