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How it Works

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Send Us A Referral

Fill out the form below to send us a referral. Be sure to let your client know we'll be contacting them.

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We Call Your Client

We'll give your customer a call and walk them through their management options.

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We Pay You

We pay you for any clients that sign a PM agreement with us: from $100 up to $1000.

Discover the Benefits

Hold on to Your Clients

Don't lose a good client because a property won't sell. Instead, refer them for property management. When it comes time to sell, we'll send them back to you.

Don't Take on Liability

Property management can be a confusing industry. Don't offer advice on complicated subjects that could cause problems in the future. Let us advise your client and keep your liability to a minimum.

We Provide Written Contracts

We create easy contracts for every one of our referral partners. Enjoy unbeatable peace of mind, knowing you're working with an upright company that will respect our referral agreement.

Protect Your Reputation

Don't let a bad property manager hurt your reputation in the real estate industry. We'll work diligently to keep your tenant satisfied and you'll look great in the process.

We'll Pay You!

Every client who signs a property management contract with us will net you a referral fee: from $100 to $1000.

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