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How to Navigate Philadelphia Water Bills and Avoid Costly Surprises

Are you a rental property owner in Philadelphia? Our latest video sheds light on a crucial aspect of property ownership: managing water bills. Learn why it's essential to monitor your bills for estimated readings and take prompt action to avoid unexpected expenses down the line. Discover the risks of ignoring estimated readings and proactive steps you can take to ensure accurate billing. Don't let estimated readings catch you off guard—watch now to safeguard your finances and stay informed about Philadelphia water bills.

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How to Get a Rental Suitability Certificate

In this video, I will show you how to apply for a rental suitability certificate, why it is important, and how to maintain correct records for the future. It is crucial to provide every tenant with this certificate at the beginning of their lease, as it is required by law in City of Philadelphia. Failure to provide the certificate may prevent you from collecting rent or filing for eviction in the future. Follow the steps I outline to easily obtain and deliver the certificate to your tenants.

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City of Philadelphia Real Estate Re-assessment 2023

Hi, I’m Yuriy Skripnichenko with TrustArt Realty and today I’m bringing you updates for the city real estate re-assessment for 2023. As some of you know the City of Philadelphia conducted a real estate tax re-assessment and increasing real estate taxes for most properties in the city. In some cases, we see dramatic increases from the previous year tax. You can check what your property is re-assed to by going to the link provided below. If you see that your assessment is more than it should be you still have time to file an appeal until beginnin…

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I don't know if I have enough words to explain how much of a "breath of fresh air" it is to deal with a team/company like TruStart and Yuriy. He walked me through every step of their on boarding process. I was switching from a previous management company and honestly they made the process as simple, stress free the best they could. the follow-up calls, emails, rent collections - all of it is amazing. I forget I own property until I see their alerts. If i could give more stars, I would. Thanks so much !!

Jason Johnson Rental Property Owner