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How to Advertise Your Philadelphia Rental Property Successfully

Navigating the competitive rental market in Philadelphia requires more than just a desirable property; it demands savvy advertising strategies. Use these effective methods to attract the right tenants and ensure a profitable and stress-free rental experience for everyone.

The Importance of Effective Property Advertising Methods

Effective property advertising is crucial for attracting quality tenants and maximizing rental income. It involves more than just listing a property; it's about strategically showcasing the property to the right audience.

Proper advertising ensures that your property stands out in a crowded market, reaches potential tenants efficiently, and communicates the unique value of the rental. It also shortens vacancy periods and attracts tenants who are a good fit for the property.

Ultimately, effective advertising is a key component in maintaining a profitable and sustainable rental.

Tips for Advertising Your Philadelphia Rental Home

Understanding the Philadelphia Rental Market

Philadelphia's rental market is dynamic and diverse. Understanding current trends, demographic demands, and popular property types is crucial to rent out your property. Familiarity with these factors helps landlords tailor their advertising to appeal to the city’s unique tenant base.

Invest in Good Photography

Photography significantly influences tenant interest. Listings with photos receive more views, and tenants spend more time viewing these images than simply reading a description. Quality photography is a key factor in attracting quality tenants.

An apartment interior.

Here are some tips to ensure your photos stand out:

  • Quality of Camera: While smartphones can suffice, a high-resolution camera, like an SLR, is preferable for the best-quality photos.
  • Staging and Property Prep: Clear the property of trash, debris, and personal items. A clean, neutral space allows prospective tenants to envision themselves in the home.
  • Lighting: Use natural daylight for the best results. If the weather is poor, ensure all interior lights are on to improve photo clarity.
  • Photo Angles: Aim to always capture two walls in a shot to avoid making rooms look cramped. The widest perspective is usually found in the corner of the room.
  • Height of Camera: Avoid shooting from too high or too low. Aim for a natural perspective that represents how the space is experienced in person.
  • Shot List Preparation: Plan your shots in advance. Include every bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space, and outdoor areas. Showcasing the community can also provide a more comprehensive view.

Write Great Copy

Your property's story is told through its ad copy, comprising a headline and a summary. The headline should include the rental price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, property type, location, and a key selling point.

The summary should vividly describe the property, emphasizing amenities and surrounding neighborhood. A clear, engaging, and transparent copy will attract suitable tenants.

  • Headline: The headline should be eye-catching and include the following:
  • Rent Price: Clearly state the monthly rent.
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Provide the count of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Property Type: Specify the type of property, whether it’s an apartment, house, studio, etc.
  • Location: Mention the neighborhood or city.
  • Unique Selling Point: Highlight a key feature, like "stunning skyline views" or "newly renovated."

Example of a good headline:
"$2,100 - Spacious 2-Bedroom, 2-Bathroom Apartment in Downtown Philadelphia with Stunning Skyline Views"

The interior of a furnished living room.

  • Summary: This should finish telling the story about the property and should match the headline and the photos. The summary should include:
  • Detailed Description: Elaborate on the property’s attributes and amenities.
  • Unique Features: Emphasize any special features, like a rooftop pool or a pet-friendly policy.
  • Neighborhood Insights: Give a sense of the local area, proximity to amenities, or community vibe.
  • Practical Information: Mention any additional fees, utility details, parking availability, etc.
  • Call to Action: Encourage potential tenants to schedule a viewing or contact for more information.

Distribute Your Ad

An effective ad must reach the right audience. Utilize popular online rental platforms and don't overlook physical advertising like yard signs and community bulletin boards.

Diversifying your ad distribution ensures a wider reach. Regular updates and, if necessary, paid promotions can also enhance visibility in a competitive market.

Effective Online Advertising Strategies

  • Online platforms are a cornerstone of modern property advertising. Create compelling listings on popular rental websites and engage potential tenants through social media. Highlight your property's best features with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions.

Leverage Local Advertising Channels

  • Don't underestimate the power of local advertising. Utilize community networks, local newspapers, and real estate agents to spread the word. Local advertising can be especially effective in reaching tenants who prefer a more personal connection.

Host Open Houses and Property Showings

Well-executed open houses and showings can significantly boost tenant interest. Ensure your property is well-staged and schedule viewings at convenient times. Interact with potential tenants to understand their needs and highlight the property's strengths.

A realtor showing a home to a family.

Ensure Legal Compliance and Fair Housing

Always adhere to legal advertising standards, especially the Fair Housing Act. Ensure your advertising does not discriminate and is in full compliance with local and federal laws.

How Can Professional Property Managers Help

Professional property managers bring expertise and resources that can significantly enhance the advertising and management of rental properties. If you’re a landlord struggling with advertising your rental, consider working with a reliable property management company.

Professional property managers can assist in:

  • Market Analysis: Offering insights into current market trends and rent pricing.
  • High-Quality Advertising Material: Creating professional photos and compelling property descriptions.
  • Broad Advertising Reach: Utilizing extensive networks and platforms for wider advertisement distribution.
  • Legal Compliance: Ensuring advertisements and tenant screening processes comply with fair housing laws.
  • Tenant Screening and Relations: Conducting thorough background checks and maintaining tenant communication.
  • Time and Stress Reduction: Handling the advertising process and subsequent management tasks, saving landlords time and effort.

Professional property managers act as a bridge between landlords and potential tenants, streamlining the process of advertising your rentals and greatly improving the chances of attracting the right tenants.


Effective advertising of your rental property in Philadelphia involves understanding the market, utilizing professional photography, using diverse advertising channels, and maintaining legal compliance.

By following these tips, landlords can attract desirable tenants and enjoy a successful rental experience.

If you’re unsure, it’s recommended to work with a reputable property management company. Contact TrustArt Realty if you need help, and we’ll be happy to assist you!


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