The benefit package is included with all new leases and renewals. You cannot opt-out of the package services. 

The cost of the benefit package is $11 per month. Every additional adult occupying the property is additional $6 per month. 

  1. Build your credit history with credit reporting ($10 value) – Tenants receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payments. Increase your purchasing power with on-time rental payments. Potentially pay lower interest rates with improved credit standing. Positive rental payment history is beneficial for future rental applications.
  2. Multiple payment option ($5 value) – Pay your rent online and you’ll never have to mail your check again! You can pay online with a credit/debit card or with a bank account. Set up autopay and never worry about missing a payment!
  3. One-time waved Late fee ($55 value). Good for use once Annually (10 days max forgiveness, Once Annually).
  4. One-time returned payment forgiveness ($50 value) – We  will grant a one-time waiver of a returned payment fee (Once annually).
  5. Online resident portal ($5 value) – with 24/7 access to your tenant portal to submit maintenance requests, pay online using all included payment options, as well as access to electronic documents.
  6. Property Inspections ($90 value) – we inspect your home during your lease to make sure that there is no repair need and no safety issues. 
  7. Maintenance requests right from your phone app – You can submit a maintenance request right from your phone app and attach any photos/video and your comments to it. 
  8. 24/7 maintenance hotline ($10 value)- 24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns. Call handlers will troubleshoot with you and when necessary, dispatch vendors.
  9. Online document signing and no-contact move-ins – we can have fully no-contact process for move-ins, including application, move-in inspection and lease signing. 
  10. Landlord reference – we proved references for your future applications if you choose to move to a different property. That helps your approval process.  
  11. Home purchase assistance – when you’re ready we can help you with your own home purchase, mortgage pre-approval and help you through the whole process. And our free credit reporting may help you with the home buying power.