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Being a landlord allows you to earn a steady monthly income but also means you have a lot of daily responsibilities on your plate. From making sure you have solid tenants renting out your property to handling maintenance and repairs and more, there’s a lot to keep track of.

This is where TrustArt Realty steps in. We will take these care of all of these responsibilities and more! Working with us means partnering with a team of dedicated professionals and local experts. We can work together to make your investment property dreams come true.

We are a full-service rental property management company that aims to make landlords’ and property owners’ lives easier by upholding high standards and delivering quality services. If you want to know more about our services and experience how we put our core values into action, contact TrustArt Realty today!

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Our Property Management Services

TrustArt Realty provides quality service and tailors our strategies to your rental property and financial goals. To manage your rental property, we offer the following services.

Property Marketing

We understand that a unit that sits vacant is more expensive than when occupied. A vacant unit still incurs costs but doesn’t generate income. That’s why it is best to have a high occupancy rate.

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When you work with TrustArt Realty, we will customize our marketing strategy and properly identify your target market. We use a mix of online and offline advertising techniques to reach a wide pool of qualified and interested tenants.

Tenant Screening

Here at TrustArt Realty, we process applications and use a scoring system based on criteria that are compliant with fair housing regulations. This process ensures that we are choosing the right fit and helping you protect your investment. The perfect tenant is reliable and looks after your rental property.

We follow a uniform screening process that verifies credit score, income, renting history, and criminal background. We will require applicants to submit supporting documents and properly organize them, so you have access to them when needed.

With TrustArt Realty as your partner, you can rest assured that we are choosing the best tenant for your rental property.

Rent Collection

At TrustArt Realty, we don’t want you to chase payments. That’s why we take care of providing reliable and convenient payment solutions to your tenants.

To make the process easy, we have incorporated a digital payment system into our online portal and minimized reasons for missing payments. We want paying rent to be a hassle-free process for your tenants because that ensures prompt payments for you.

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Inspections, Maintenance and Repairs

To ensure that your tenants are happy and comfortable during their tenancy, we conduct property inspections and perform routine maintenance tasks.

We have built a solid network of local technicians and maintenance experts over the years. We trust them to conduct the maintenance and repairs for your property and make sure that you get the best deals.

Doing maintenance is the most common issue that landlords face, but you can rest assured that we will take care of it for you.

Reporting and Accounting

At TrustArt Realty, we encourage you to analyze your business performance so you know how you can maximize your investment and further optimize your pricing.

We offer monthly and quarterly analyses of your financial performance. Our professional property managers keep a detailed and accurate record of all transactions related to your rental property. Our online portal makes it easy to access your financial information whenever, wherever.

Eviction Assistance

At TrustArt Realty, we can vouch for the consistency and effectiveness of our tenant screening process. If there is ever an issue with tenants, we will first work to resolve the problem.

If someone is consistently failing to uphold their end of the lease agreement or pay rent on time, our team of professionals will take care of what needs to be done to get the tenant back on track.

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If compromise is no longer working, we will handle the eviction process and take the stress off your shoulders. We take care of everything from filing the paperwork to reaching out to the authorities and following proper protocols to remain compliant with the law.

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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About Logan, Philadelphia, PA

Logan is a neighborhood in Philadelphia that offers a unique local charm. It has a serene atmosphere but plenty of activities and fun attractions to offer, too. The charming local culture and hospitality make Logan an ideal location for investing in real estate.

Wingohocking Creek flows near the southern border of the neighborhood, bringing a rural feel to the neighborhood. There are also two museums in the area, one for art lovers and one for lovers of history!

All throughout the year, Logan hosts events that showcase its history, traditions and local culture. If you want to know more about this area and the opportunities it offer for investing in real estate, contact the team at TrustArt Realty today!

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Areas We Serve

TrustArt Realty offers property management services in Philadelphia. We offer property management services in other Philadelphia neighborhoods: Manayunk, Germantown, Academy Gardens, Somerton, Bustleton, Mt. Airy, East Germantown, Oak Lane, West Oak Lane, Logan, Oxford Circle, Rhawhurst, Mayfair, Morrell Park, Ogontz, Olney, Millbrook, Holmesburg, Torresdale, Fern Rock, Tacony, Allegheny West, East Falls, Strawberry Mansion, North Philadelphia, Parkwood, Richmond, Harrowgate, Feltonville, Juniata, Krewstown, Castor Gardens, Frankford, Nicetown, and more!

Learn how we can help you maximize your home’s potential.

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TrustArt recently took over management of a building where I've been living since early this year. I worried about what the change in management would mean for me as an existing tenant here, but I've had a really positive experience so far. Ethan is an exceptionally kind and helpful property manager — he has consistently provided prompt, straightforward, and personalized help for any issues that have come up, and clearly cares about making sure that tenants have a positive experience living here. I really appreciate his clear communication and all of the updates and repairs he's handled for my apartment!

Cullan Bonilla Tenant