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Since its founding in 2012, TrustArt Realty has stood as a pillar of excellence in the realm of Philadelphia property management.

With an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier services, our expert team brings forth a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of the Philadelphia real estate market.

At TrustArt Realty, we go beyond conventional property management; we cultivate genuine connections with our clients and investors.

What distinguishes us from other Philadelphia property management companies is our steadfast dedication to exceptional customer service and the establishment of enduring relationships.

Our certified and seasoned experts leverage cutting-edge resources and innovative techniques, ensuring the meticulous management of your investment properties and the continued expansion of your portfolio.

Over the years, TrustArt Realty has forged lasting loyalty among our esteemed clientele, investors, and team members.

This allegiance is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fulfilling promises with honesty, integrity, and a remarkable level of transparency.

TrustArt Realty is not merely a property management service; it's a partner in your investment journey, driven by a passion for excellence and client satisfaction.

Our Property Management Services

1. Property Marketing

At TrustArt Realty, we recognize the pivotal role that strategic marketing plays in maximizing the visibility and potential of your properties.

Since our establishment in 2012, we have been at the forefront of innovative property marketing in Philadelphia, leveraging our expertise to elevate your real estate assets to new heights.

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Our approach to property marketing goes beyond conventional methods, combining a deep understanding of market trends with cutting-edge techniques.

We understand that each property is unique, and our team of seasoned professionals tailors marketing strategies to showcase the distinctive features and advantages of every listing.

TrustArt Realty is committed to creating compelling narratives for your properties, utilizing visually striking materials and digital platforms to captivate potential buyers or tenants.

From high-quality photography and immersive virtual tours to targeted online and offline campaigns, our comprehensive marketing services ensure that your property stands out in a crowded market.

2. Tenant Screening

Our tenant screening process is characterized by a meticulous evaluation of potential tenants, encompassing various factors that contribute to a reliable and responsible occupant.

TrustArt Realty's team of experts employs a comprehensive approach, considering financial stability, rental history, and background checks to make informed decisions on prospective tenants.

We recognize the significance of creating a harmonious living environment for both landlords and tenants.

By implementing stringent screening protocols, we aim to match qualified tenants with your properties, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that contributes to the long-term success of your real estate investments.

3. Property Maintenance

Our approach to property maintenance is grounded in a comprehensive and proactive strategy.

TrustArt Realty understands that well-maintained properties not only enhance tenant satisfaction but also contribute to the overall value and appeal of your real estate portfolio.

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Our team of experienced professionals is committed to addressing maintenance needs promptly, utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices to ensure that your properties remain in optimal condition.

From routine inspections and preventive maintenance to responsive repairs, TrustArt Realty places a premium on the seamless operation of your real estate assets.

We understand that your time is valuable, and our goal is to relieve you of the burdens associated with property maintenance, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your real estate investments.

4. Rent Collection

TrustArt Realty's rent collection approach is characterized by a commitment to simplicity, reliability, and convenience.

Leveraging advanced technologies and industry best practices, we have streamlined the rent payment process to make it effortless for tenants while providing property owners with a consistent and dependable cash flow.

Our team understands the unique challenges associated with rent collection and is dedicated to addressing them proactively.

TrustArt Realty employs a combination of personalized communication, digital platforms, and secure payment systems to facilitate a smooth and efficient rent collection experience for both landlords and tenants.

5. Move-in Inspections

Our approach to move-in inspections is rooted in thoroughness, transparency, and attention to detail.

TrustArt Realty understands that a comprehensive assessment at the beginning of a tenancy lays the groundwork for clear communication and mutual understanding.

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Our experienced professionals meticulously document the condition of the property, noting any existing issues, and ensure that tenants have a complete understanding of their responsibilities for maintaining the premises.

TrustArt Realty utilizes modern technologies and industry best practices to enhance the move-in inspection process.

Digital documentation, including photographs and detailed reports, provides a transparent record of the property's condition at the commencement of the lease.

This not only protects property owners but also fosters a sense of accountability and trust between landlords and tenants.

About Lawndale, Philadelphia, PA

Lawndale, located in the northeastern part of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a vibrant residential community characterized by its rich history and diverse atmosphere.

Nestled within the Greater Northeast Philadelphia region, Lawndale offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility.

The neighborhood boasts a mix of architectural styles, featuring a combination of rowhouses, single-family homes, and apartments.

Residents appreciate the area's tree-lined streets and well-maintained parks, creating a pleasant environment for families and individuals alike.

Lawndale is known for its strong sense of community, with local events and gatherings fostering connections among neighbors. The neighborhood provides convenient access to essential amenities, including schools, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers.

Its proximity to major transportation routes ensures ease of travel throughout the city and beyond.

In Lawndale, residents enjoy a range of recreational opportunities, from nearby parks and green spaces to community events that celebrate the area's cultural diversity.

The neighborhood's enduring charm, combined with its commitment to community engagement, makes Lawndale a welcoming and desirable place to call home in the heart of Philadelphia.

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TrustArt Realty offers property management services in Philadelphia. We offer property management services in other Philadelphia neighborhoods: Manayunk, Germantown, Academy Gardens, Somerton, Bustleton, Mt. Airy, East Germantown, Oak Lane, West Oak Lane, Logan, Oxford Circle, Rhawhurst, Mayfair, Morrell Park, Ogontz, Olney, Millbrook, Holmesburg, Torresdale, Fern Rock, Tacony, Allegheny West, East Falls, Strawberry Mansion, North Philadelphia, Parkwood, Richmond, Harrowgate, Juniata, Krewstown, Castor Gardens, Frankford, Nicetown, and more!


I am so glad that we went with TrustArt Realty. They have been very helpful and have made the process of renovating and renting our property very easy and simple. Yuriy and the management team are transparent about each step of the property management process and ensure that the client is fully aware of how things work. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a property management company.

Asley Cruz Rental Property Owner