What to Ask When Looking for a Good Property Manager

When it comes to managing rentals, more and more owners are choosing to use property management services to handle most of the work. Not only is this extra convenient for you, the property owner, but it also means that you can tap into the affordable expertise of dedicated property managers. If you are on the hunt for a property manager in Philadelphia, then you will need to have some questions answered. Here are a few to ask so you can make sure that you are finding the right person for your needs.

How long are your properties typically vacant?

Rental properties don’t make money if there is no one paying rent, which makes vacant properties a major problem. Be sure to ask any property manager in Philadelphia that you talk to about how long they have vacancies. If they offer a vague answer or one that’s above average, then it may be time to look elsewhere.

How do you market available units?

A “For Rent” sign in the window isn’t enough anymore. Your property manager in Philadelphia should work hard and effectively to ensure that your property is rented out. This means that your property manager should know how to effectively market the properties, and they should understand which platforms will get the right kind of applicants.

What do you screen for in applicants?

A proper screening process is the difference between a long-term, reliable tenant and a property that drops in value in a few short months. Always, always ask about the screening process that your property manager in Philadelphia uses. If you feel it is sufficient, then they may be the one to use. If you find the process lacking, then look for a property manager who screens properly.

Do you offer an eviction warranty?

If your property manager markets and screens an applicant, you shouldn’t be on the hook if the client falls through. These days, many property managers offer what is called an “eviction warranty” or “screening guarantee.” This is a way to ensure that you aren’t paying the price for any property manager in Philadelphia that ends up picking bad tenants.

Do you do property inspections?

Regular property inspections are essential to good property maintenance, yet many property managers try to avoid this crucial step. Your property manager in Philadelphia should regularly inspect your properties and, in some cases, have a professional home inspector do the work.

What are your fees and cancellation policy?

Last but not least, always ask your property manager in Philadelphia about the fees, including any hidden fees, along with a cancellation policy. Think about your budget before you ask this question so you will be able to identify whether the amount is good for your situation or not.

With the right property manager in Philadelphia, you can turn your rentals into consistently profitable enterprises with a lot less effort. Rather than taking on all of the day-to-day issues on your own, instead contact the professionals here at Trustart Realty. Our team of property managers is dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers, and they are able to acquire and keep quality tenants for our clients’ properties. With us, your rental property could make more money with less hassle. Visit our website for more details.