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What are the Different Property Managers in Philadelphia?

There are rental or managed properties in most neighborhoods, including where you reside or work. It may be an apartment or a condo building. Perhaps it is a rental house with tenants. Maybe it is a homeowner association that you, your family, or your friends reside in. Possibly, you own or rent a commercial property. Property managers in Philadelphia can offer a variety of styles, each with their own qualities.

Single home dwelling managers

One of the most common styles of property managers in Philadelphia is single dwelling or single-family residence. A single-family home is just as it sounds: one home and one family (it often includes multiple people). There are a variety of responsibilities for the managers, such as collecting rent, ensuring that the repairs are completed, and over all ensuring that the resident and the landlord are both satisfied. There are some additional responsibilities that take up more time, such as finding tenants for each home. This could take some time as property managers in Philadelphia may have multiple properties to manage.

Multi Home Managers

Like a single-family dwelling manager, there are basic responsibilities for property managers in Philadelphia who manage multi home properties. These responsibilities are escalated because there are multiple residents in one place. Examples of multi home managers are managers of apartment buildings and condo residences. When managing these types of residences, property managers in Philadelphia have the added responsibility of finding tenants for the entire building and ensuring that all tenants and the landlord are satisfied. There may be multiple buildings in one specific area or buildings spread throughout the city or county. Even if there is a single manager for a single building, the responsibility is increased. When dealing with multiple units or homes it is important to create and enforce rules and regulations to ensure that everyone is safe, and that their wellbeing is looked after.

Homeowner association manager (HOA)

This is another style of multi home manager. One of the biggest differences is that the homes under the HOA are owned by the owners, but the community is managed by a property manager in Philadelphia. This particular style is most common with condo buildings or communities. The HOA manager is responsible for creating and enforcing rules and regulations within the community and not just a building. Although they may not be responsible for finding tenants, there are other responsibilities that come from this style of management. The HOA manager is the point of contact between the owners and a board. They are also there to assist in disputes between owners. Other duties may include items such as approving special assessments and collecting fees. The property managers in Philadelphia would also be responsible for any contract work being completed in the community.

Commercial management

Commercial managers are another form of a property manager in Philadelphia, these managers have similar responsibility to their counter parts in the residential section. They could be responsible for finding tenants for each of the properties that they are responsible for, as well as for collecting rent and ensuring that any contract work is completed. A commercial property manager in Philadelphia also would create rules and regulations that need to be enforced for the safety of each of the commercial properties that they are responsible for.

There are many types of property managers in Philadelphia and they have different responsibilities depending on the style of property that they are managing. If you are looking for a property manager in Philadelphia and need to assess what your needs are and what style of property manager you require, click here.